With a geothermal heating and cooling system, you’ll enjoy the most comfortable, reliable, energy- and cost-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating system on the market today.

Unlike traditional systems that use the air to heat and cool your home, geothermal systems circulate water through a system of sealed underground piping loops that carry heat to and from the earth to the system. When set to the heating mode, the system uses the heat from the water to warm air that circulates throughout the house. When set to the cooling mode, the system reverses the process, taking heat out of the home’s air and circulating the resulting cool, dehumidified air instead.

Think Energy Efficiency 

Because the system has less work to do to reach the desired temperature setting throughout the year, the system is highly efficient and lowers operating costs. A fossil fuel furnace may be 80% to 90% efficient — a geothermal heat pump is amazingly 450% efficient.

Another advantage to a geothermal system installed in a new home is that, from day one, you will be cash flow positive, as the cost of the system each month is lower than the savings you realize on your monthly energy cost! Ask us about tax credits and utility company rebates.

Go Green with Geothermal Heating

Save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint with our state-of-the-art geothermal heating systems. Cocalico Plumbing & Heating specializes in installing and maintaining geothermal units that provide consistent and efficient heating for your home. Our systems use the earth's natural energy, ensuring eco-friendly and cost-effective warmth all year round. Contact us now to discover how geothermal heating can benefit you! Call (717) 738-0760.

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