Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is an efficient way to comfortably heat your home. In fact, radiant is much more efficient than many other home heating methods! It’s also an excellent choice for homeowners who suffer from allergies or who have high ceilings. In a radiant setup, the warmth is supplied by hot-water tubes or electric wires buried underneath the floor or in your walls and ceilings. As the invisible waves of thermal radiation rise, they warm up any objects they strike, which, in turn, radiate that captured heat. Though the air temperature remains relatively constant, you stay comfortable because the surrounding surfaces aren’t stealing warmth from your body.

Photo Gallery

Cocalico’s photo gallery of a recent new-home installation provides insight into how radiant heating is installed in a new home — including in the garage. We can also use radiant heat in your driveway, sidewalk or porch to melt snow in the winter to alleviate any shoveling in the winter. Serving Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, PA, Counties with heating service.

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Upgrade to Radiant Heat for Ultimate Comfort

Transform your home heating experience with radiant heat from Cocalico Plumbing & Heating. Radiant heating offers unmatched comfort and efficiency by evenly distributing warmth through your floors, walls, or ceilings. Ideal for allergy sufferers and homes with high ceilings, this system provides gentle, consistent heat without circulating dust or allergens. Enjoy a cozy home environment—schedule your radiant heating installation today! Call us at (717) 738-0760.

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