Water Treatment

Do you know what’s in your water? Do you have hard, dirty, or bitter water? The experts at Cocalico Plumbing & Heating can come to your home and test the quality of your water. At the conclusion of the test, we will discuss the results with you and determine the corrective measure that would be ideal for improving the water quality in your situation. We offer a full range of quality water treatment products and solutions including reverse osmosis systems, acid neutralizers, water softeners, and UV light treatment products.

The Importance of Treating Hard Water

The quality of water flowing into your home can vary widely. Regardless of its source (well or public system), water is a solvent. Water naturally contains minerals (known as “hard water”) and other deposits that can adversely affect its quality. Over time, these deposits and minerals can lead to plumbing fixture deterioration, poor water taste/smell, and even can adversely affect your health. Adding a water treatment system, or water softener, to your plumbing system is a great solution that resolves many water quality issues. We have several water treatment options available.

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