Many industries have grown to incorporate evolving technology in their businesses, improving their ability to help customers and run operations. The plumbing and heating industry is no different. One of the most important jobs a plumbing and heating company like Cocalico can perform for its customers is preventative maintenance. This requires us to be able to diagnosis problems before they become issues for our customers, and with the help of emerging technologies, we can do this sooner, less invasively, and with more care to avoid unnecessary costs and work for both us and our customers.

So, how exactly has technology helped us be better plumbers?

We can find obstructions, damage, or other problems more efficiently

Some of the most common causes of sewer problems include damage to the sewer and drainage pipes, tree roots that invade your property’s septic system, or foreign materials that wind up in your drainage system. Each of these can be difficult to assess without gaining access to the pipe, drainage, or septic system first; and that takes significant time.

First plumbers need to gain access to the suspect pipe/system/drainage, which may involve digging or dismantling. But before that can happen, it has to be located, first; and in the case of a clogged pipe, it may be buried under your yard somewhere. Once it’s found and then accessed, then it’s easier to diagnose the problem. For obvious reasons, we want to cause as little disruption to a customer’s home and life as possible. That means finding quicker, more efficient means of locating and identifying the actual problem.

Today, we’re able to use the latest technology to assess a problem to remove the guesswork. We’re able to locate problem parts of the system, address the issue, and offer you custom solutions to minimize disruption.

We can use video cameras to diagnose problems just like a doctor

Cocalico Plumbing & Heating has equipped its technicians with sewer cables housing tiny video cameras. These cameras can transmit video to a separate monitor that allows our plumbers to see the interior of pipes, giving them convenient access without the mess of dismantling a system or digging up your yard.

This is how the cameras work:

  • One technician maneuvers the camera through the pipe system while a second monitors the live feed of the drain or sewer line.
  • By watching the feed being transmitted from the camera, the technicians are able to find the exact location of a break—whether it be damage, roots, or foreign objects lodged in the pipe.
  • The camera provides a visual of the break and confirms the present condition of the line, removing the guesswork.
  • With the camera, the technicians can also identify the cause of a slow drain, the location of a drain line, and the break in a drain.

Much like a doctor who can check inside your ears, nose, and mouth with their otoscope, this camera provides plumbers with instant access to hard-to-reach areas in record time. Every detail the camera feeds back to the monitor can be used to solve your problem. This is a huge asset because the bulk of any plumbing system will be hidden from view and hard to access without significant troubleshooting.

The advantages of a camera inspection are:

  • Your plumber can identify the problem with certainty and quickly address any repairs that are needed.
  • You can check the condition of your home plumbing system or the system of a house you’re looking to purchase, reducing any unwanted surprises you might miss on a normal inspection.
  • Inserting a camera is a non-invasive way to address drainage and plumbing problems, eliminating the need to cut into walls, dismantle fixtures, or dig up your property.
  • Using a camera to inspect your plumbing is solid proactive maintenance as it allows trained plumbers to spot issues before they turn into leaks—or worse.

We’re equipped with the technology to zero in on the problem

Along with drainage cameras, we have the capability to locate invaluable “hot spots” on your property, such as sondes, inspection cameras, active power lines, and utility lines. This means no huge excavation projects or accident loss of utilities when an important pipe or line is severed during the work. Older technology only gives you numbers and graphs you’re forced to interpret, but with our technology, we have the ability to locate those hot spots with pinpoint accuracy.

If you’re having issues with your drainage or sewer system, make sure the plumbers you hire are invested in perfecting their craft and resolving your issues quickly and efficiently.